The heat and humidity have a lot of great physiological benefits during a hot yoga workout. The increased temperature can help your body build up strength, increasing both your range and flexibility. At the same time, doing yoga in the heat has great benefits for your metabolism. Since turning up the heat will cause your body to use more energy, you can burn off more calories in a hot yoga class than during a normal yoga class. While a regular yoga practice does wonders for our heart, lungs and muscles, that same benefit is only increased during a session of hot yoga. The heat also causes yogis to sweat excessively which helps purge toxins from your body.

Naturally hot yoga also has plenty of the benefits of practicing non-heated yoga. Doing yoga poses that cause a redistribution in weight is good for bone density no matter what the temperature is. And of course, one of the main benefits of yoga practice is reducing our stress, which hot yoga excels at accomplishing.

7 Benefits of a Hot Yoga Workout

1. It Can Increase Your Flexibility More Than Other Forms of Yoga.

2.It Can Detoxify Your Body.

3. It Can Give You Glowing Skin.

4. It Can Aid in Weight Loss.

5. It May Boost Heart Health.

6. It Helps Promote Mindfulness.

7. It Can Boost Your Mood.