Types of Hot Yoga Workouts

Have you ever considered taking a yoga class somewhere, looked at the schedule and suddenly saw a whole slew of unfamiliar words? What exactly is the difference between Ashtanga and Anusara and what does all this Sanskrit mean? And more importantly, what’s the right yoga style for your own needs? And which style has the best yoga workouts or the power poses that you are looking for?

Which Yoga Practice is the Best for You?

I’ve made a little guide about the most common types of yoga so you can understand what each means and which ones match what you want from a yoga class.

Once you’ve gotten a sense of some of the most popular styles of yoga, you can decide which is the best practice and the best yoga workout for you. Maybe it’s a calm meditative yin practice or a hot yoga workout. Either way you should be able to get the most from your practice and take in the amazing physiological benefits that yoga can give us.

And if you are still curious, there are a lot more yoga styles out there for you to discover and try!